Fidget Cube Redblack arely from the magic of the two sides of the Jinzhou attack, it is entirely because, for the powerful Protoss and the inferno, the Jinzhou because the energy is too dispersed and therefore can not play much destruction. However, for those of you weak humans, Jinzhou attack are very useful. and all the lethal range of most Jinzhou Wide is the soul storm , completely shaped Mind Storm of the killer range of thousands of kilometers. In the shadow of this magic, in addition to being protected by the soul of God, all other creatures will be destroyed because the soul was completely destroyed. For the weak humans, for elements of magic damage, can also be performed through the defense armor and a variety of magic, the doomsday catastrophe would not I teach you to deal with chaos crystal wall, but the human soul is not entirely fortified, any means of defense can not protect the soul does not suffer the soul of magic damage. If I can not use, then this Jinzhou for the current situation, what help Enlai Ke asked. Of course, help, and even if you can use this Jinzhou, do you really have to launch Jinzhou attack I do not like you people. Although you can not use this Jinzhou, but others do not know this thing, as long as you can make sure that guy, you can use such a part in the protection of people at the same time, another part of the eradication of powerful people Jinzhou magic, I think the guy would not.passing a hill, Enlai Ke never see companions, he sat back in his bike this open carriage. The carriages swiftly moved forward, perhaps because no one had left Vidsk early in the morning, so there was not a carriage on the whole road, and only one or two peasants in the countryside had worked hard and occasionally appeared in Enley Section of the line of sight. The carriage advanced a long way before a carriage was parked in front of it, and the carriage broke the axle, and the driver was trying to fix the carriage which was apparently no longer in use for a short period of time. Since Enlaiko had been assisting his father in his hometown, he had heard from travelers who had traveled extensively. As a traveler, he did not know when he would run into unintended troubles. At this time, they most need the help of others, so for a qualified traveler, at any time to help other troubled travelers, has become their first criterion. And En Laike determined from their urine with those of them as a traveler into the world. So Enelco did not hesitate to order the coachman, the carriage stopped to the damaged carriage next to the car. He asked Will you need any help Suddenly, there came Enlai Ke quite familiar voice from behind the carriage, I saw a little old man from the other side of the carriage turn out, smiled and said They help, I certainly welcome, please the old man suddenly recognized Enlai Ke, and t.

cess for the able to control, and be able to fully grasp the vagrant nature of the sea The beauty of the Duke of Guerrero was full of curiosity. But also has such an important position of beauty, the same need to pay close attention to their own, and access to detailed information on the important objectives of information. It was thought here that the Lord Shilling decided to lock in on this rare goal, but before that, by the usual practice, the intelligence expert should be in the formal and locked targets for the first direct contact, first from the surrounding understanding of the target The general situation. For professional habits, the Royal Highness in the vicinity of En Laike behind him, quietly have a magic mark affixed to the Enlaike s body, this magic mark has several advantages, first of all, do not have spiritual magic absolutely can not see, No matter how far apart no matter what the middle of something in the block, he is still ready to find a trace of people close to the mark. The third point is that this mark is definitely not ordinary people can get rid of the got. Once printed on the very difficult to escape. However, this magic mark, the card that the fidget cube great masters of the Kingdom of Ao Chi Mei Long can fidget cube redblack definitely see through and lift, because of this, so he has been afraid of Merlin or Meron s best friend who Jinzhou Mage Great Mage Bryant Leo know and familiar with the use of this ma.gic mark, so as not to cause unnecessary misunderstanding and trouble. And the Duke of Haigeluo favorite beauty should fidget cube redblack not be and those two completely in a hostile position on fidget cube redblack the people. Thought of this, Miss Xilin Princess will be a matter of course a magic mark affixed to the Enlai Ke s body. Then she was peace of mind to go around to inquire. Did not expect to hear the news is much beyond the expectations of the Princess Royal Highness, in fact, simply do not have to ask around the king of the country who talked about the most Ao Qi is the stunning beauty of the stunning topic , The Princess as fidget cube redblack long as a little attention to listen to the lady can learn a lot of claims to be the most insider, the most accurate news, and even heard a lot of ladies vowed to say that he is personally see. The richness of the contents of the information, the description of the details, the plot of the bizarre, really completely unexpected, Xiling Princess never thought this chat can be obtained from such a large number of important and intelligence, this intelligence collection if Spread out, certainly for those who believe that veteran intelligence experts stunned. However, these information really makes the Xiling Princess into a state of great shock. She never imagined that the Duke of Haigeluo stand together with the peerless beauty is actually a big magician Bryant Leo s niece, it means that the hard line Kaka kingdom.s not every wind magician can freely cast. Jerry s teacher, Pilate s great sorcerer, will certainly use Ray s magic, but he does not believe that Jerry could grow to be able to use that type of magic in the near future. So there is no in depth description of mine property magic. You have not found, Bertina said There is a blind spot in the encirclement No, you re quick to say what it is, Kate said. Yeah, I did not find it, Enleko said. It s so bad, people hang around, Jerry complained. There is a small hole in the southwest, where the power of lightning can not get there, I see a monster escape, Bertina replied. Yes, my master said, Ray has a property of the biggest drawback of magic it is easy to be consumed by the introduction of metal objects the earth, Jerry suddenly thought of it. Know, that place must have metal objects, right, and later to deal with the use of mine against the magic of the first knife to insert what to say on the ground. Bertina Road. Alas, five hundred years, the wisdom of mankind did not expect so much back, the wolf said coldly Spinosaurus is a Yalong, with a total of Dragon strong biological defense force, the general magic of them is not too big The effect of that magic is only the spine dragon besieged in the encirclement in. Surrounded by four sides to make the situation, but leave a gap, to lure the besieged from the gap breakout and then set the trap outside the notch, thi.

Fidget Cube Redblack y is not difficult to go. Every year a large number of people into the mountains, has opened the way for this pedestrian. Along the way, but also to meet living in the fantasy forest Linlin see. Once, the fidget cube redblack opportunity to meet this group of people is to improve their food when. In the past few days, Bertina and Jerry had been addicted to eating game. A case of forest people on the wrap, Jerry asked him to set a trap hunting fidget cube redblack method. Bertina is interested in cooking game. So in the next few days journey, although no longer able to meet the forest people, but to solve the food problem is not difficult, if not Enlaike insisted, Bertina and Jerry already dry food lost. Deep into the jungle after the fifth day, the road has become increasingly difficult to walk. In many cases, had to rely on Kate out in front of a road. Can only walk a dozen miles a day. In order to maintain the speed, Kate and Bertina s luggage has been concentrated in the En Leko body. However, a new problem soon arose, the trees in the jungle more and more dense, more and more uneven, it is increasingly difficult to find an ideal camping ground. And this time, turn to Jerry proud. Because he followed the big magician of Pierre is the magic of the wind system, the wind can make people in the magic of the air can fly all kinds of magic. Jerry has just been able to use one of the floating operation and wind wing surgery. So, each time looking fidget cube redblack fo.e dress is a troublesome thing, but she he was clearly far underestimated the extent of this trouble. She he did not think of the countess to find out the most suitable for her him dress, even called her him again and again so many selected dress to wear up, and then let those expensive The women commented. This erupted Enlaike can be tossing enough. So that when they returned to the bedroom after the princess sent to wait on her him of the maids busy for her him when the replacement line, En Laike actually unscrupulous asked Do women pick a dress Are so difficult. Unexpectedly, this simple simple questioning actually attracted a lot of siege, what was born in the blessing, what women choose the right clothes to dress neatly is not to make you guys Enjoy, what a woman when so simple, ah, should let all men come to a woman to see Anyway, Enrile now deeply regret what they do talkative. And immediately after that he found that remarks had played the role of unexpected, at least that was distressed by the waist of the pain was clearly that this point, those maids at least the waist bandage than the original tightening of the two Buckle, En Laike is really worried that they will faint to the ground at any time. However, to her he to that is, those ladies who are very satisfied with this dress, and even asked to tighten some of the waist, to hear the En Laike almost cried out. Although the most appropr.